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Mittwoch, 23. September 2020
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MeVeL aims to adapt and transfer the methodology and tools of TeaCamp project (502102-LLP-1-2009-1-LT-ERASMUS-EVC) from the academic to the productive field, to design a Virtual mobility learning environment to facilitate development, management and implementation of virtual mobility in Metal workers and by improving their virtual mobility competences.

This purpose is reflected in the following specific objectives:

-Perform the analysis of existing situation in the partner countries about the mobility among workers (state of the art, key strengths and weaknesses, main obstacles for mobility of metal workers).

-Prepare recommendations for metal enterprises, business organizations, public institutions, unions and adult education institutions on regulations necessary to implement mobility for metal workers.

- Introduce 12-16 VET teachers and trainers in using MeVeL virtual mobility environment and the inclusion of this environment in their regular teaching (vocational training)

-Develop the curriculum on line; teachers jointly design curriculum and organize online learning, providing training to metal workers.

-Test and validate transnationally MeVeL Virtual mobility environment, through learning virtual sessions with Metal companies and workers and with training professionals from participating countries.

-Participation of 32-40 learners (metal workers) in the virtual mobility sessions for innovative learning within the Metal Sector.

-Disseminate and exploit the resulting training products through the implementation of exploitation strategy in all participating countries.

MeVeL Virtual learning environment opens up new possibilities for situation-oriented information, communication and learning in the work process. The economy, and especially the EU enterprises in the metal sector, have a big interest to modernize vocational education and training in all professional fields. They want to contribute to a culture of lifelong learning and to support new career orientations.







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